One Second Everyday: A Video Prototype

Showcasing how life is made of seconds

In hopes of illustrating the fun moments in life, I’ve crafted a video prototype for the application: One Second Everyday. This application allows its users to upload one-second videos for each day of the year. The application's goal is for the users to have a compilation of videos they’ve taken throughout the year. This cycle is always enjoyable and rewarding as users can revisit the highlights of their year. My goal with creating this video prototype was to recreate this fun, playful feeling that comes with using One Second Everyday. Below I will describe my design process and analysis of the prototype.

This video prototype was unique in that it did not utilize an explicitly scripted scenario. Since I am a user of the application, I have videos from 2019 that I thought I could use to display the final product that comes at the end of the year, but with a twist. To capture the lighthearted feelings I described previously, I thought I could use a drawn element alongside the videos. My planned storyboard is below:

Storyboard for One Second Everyday Video Prototype

In this storyboard, an opening screen displays an animation of the One Second Everyday logo. Next, the audience will see 12 videos: one from each month of 2019. The video will start as a static, partially drawn picture and turn into a realistic one-second video. This will continue until the video prototype concludes with the application’s motto.

By crafting the prototype in this way, I am engendering a sense of excitement that will entice viewers to use the application.

The One Second Everyday video prototype can be viewed below:

After creating this video prototype, I believe that it encapsulates my goals clearly. The people I got feedback from mentioned that they enjoyed it and want to use the application. They said that the prototype accomplishes what I set out to do and showcases the application's emotional aspects clearly.

From the iterations of this video prototype, I have learned that it is not always advantageous to show how the application works specifically. I originally included a product demo in the video, and I found that it missed the mark in terms of sparking an emotional response from the audience.

I am unsure whether this is the best way to showcase what the application may accomplish; however, I think it is a creative way of demonstrating the app’s features. Additionally, I believe it successfully meets the fun, enjoyable criteria I initially set out to achieve. In future iterations, I would have ideated more broadly and not gone with my first or second idea to carry out this video prototype.

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